Promax cutting machine

cuts flat parts out of metal with amazing accuracy and speed. Launch your shop into a whole new era!

The new Promax® CNC plasma cutting table manufactures precise metal shapes from sheetmetal or heavy plate. This rugged, industrial-sized machine cuts upto 4000mmx 2000mm material upto than 25mm thick. Powerful Stepper motors provide cutting speeds up to 10000 mm per minute. Never before has a system with such advanced capabilities been so easy to use and affordable!

Promax® cutting system is specially engineered for large fabrication and mass production. With Promax®, you can efficiently make

  • Accurate geometric parts
  • Detailed metal art
  • HVAC fittings

The included CAD/CAM software and control system makes it easy to design, layout, and cut various pieces. You can bring in and duplicate almost any shape from common drawing programs.


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